“Jo” the small, cool and solid bottle opener.

Traditional keychains for opening bottles are quite big and take up a lot of space in your pocket, so the Jo- titanium bottle opener is designed to change this.
It’s a miniature device that will virtually disappear when attached to your keys in order to ensure you always have a bottle opener with you and help you to satisfy your thirstiness in most crucial moments.

The reason why it is called “Jo” is because it looks like the letters Jo and that stands for Just open. Because of that it is visually attractive and can be also used as decoration on your necklace.

  • It is crafted from premium titanium which makes it inherently strong and resistant to corrosion.
  • It has good position of the opening force, and this allows even weaker persons to open bottles without hassle.

Want to get your own?

Currently we are not selling Jo- titanium bottle opener. We are really looking forward for this to happen. support us and subscribe to our newsletter below or like our Facebook page and we will let you know.

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